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Baddie Sage Sticks

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Burning Sage ( Smudging ) is intended to bless, cleanse and purify your space. It is a practice dating back over 2000 years by Indigenous Americans. The shamans used dried smoking sage as a ritual of calling upon ancestral spirits. The sage smoke was said to absorb any illness, evil or conflict from a place or a person, leaving them cleansed and purified. These beautifully wrapped white smudge sticks are a necessity for any home. Because of their size they burn for quite a while and are able to be used over time.

You will receive ONE smudging wand.

Directions: Ignite your sage bundle using a match or lighter. Let it burn for about 15 seconds so that it catches and starts to smoke, then blow out. Clear the energy from your space by moving room to room. Don't forget to sage corners and hidden nooks. Extinguish the stick in a glass, ceramic or metal dish.

You can re-use your sage bundle many times.

Common Blessing:

Cleanse this space, remove the past
I’ve found my happiness at last.
Fill this space with Joy and love
Send Your Blessings from Above.